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August 29, 2012


Tim Abbott

Dear Mr. Mooney; I'm pleased that this article has inspired you to ask for more detail.

For thread shirt collar buttons, you can see images at the link I provided to Blue Cat Buttonworks.

The very best source for all things authentic tents is by Gregory Theberge (and friends). You can download the entire Tent Article (for $9.99) at Scribd http://www.scribd.com/doc/140788111/The-Tent-Article or read nearly all of it in the RevList archives (a Yahoo Group). http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Revlist/files/ and open Tent3.pdf for the grommet and rope loop section.

I did indeed mean that the pins in the tent poles should not completely piece the ridgepole, nor should they pierce the fabric of the tent. See Tent Article, above.

Happy researching!

Buzz Mooney

I have only one criticism of this article, but, alas, it is a major one. You make suggestions as to how we can improve our impressions, but include few photographs or links to sources of further information. What do thread buttons look like, or, more importantly, how can I make them? These loops and wooden washers for the tent ties; what do they look like, and how are they employed? The pins on your tent poles "Do not pierce the Ridge of the tent." By this, do you mean they fit into the ridge POLE, but do not extend past it, and therefore, don't need to pass through a hole in the canvas? (a design that makes perfect sense to me: Why put an unnecessary hole in the roof of your tent?)
I like the idea of your article, and I want to challenge myself to greater accuracy, so I hope you'll find a way to illustrate more thoroughly, the ideas you've presented.

Tim Abbott

I like your sense of humor, Mr. Gray. If we can't laugh at ourselves, someone else surely will.


A fine piece Sir, and an excellent effort. I thought I would share a couple of further thoughts, which may help clarify the following for your readership.

First, authenticity explained:

And secondly, how to identify hard core reenactors:


T.H. Gray, Director-Curator
The American Hysterical Society

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