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July 21, 2011


Lawrence Schmidt

Tim, I hear they have some remedy for that "soft frisson" condition you complain of. Hope you get it resolved before you next seek action on Mars' fields and Venus' pastures.

John Van Vliet

An excellent report. From the other side of the field, we had quite the visual treat. The grenadiers of the 35th Regiment were closely followed by the heroic 10th during that "surge" into the woods during Sunday's battle. We were ordered to rush in, swing left, and go as far as we could. Had no idea what lay on the opposite side of those woods, though. Let me tell you our shock and surprise when we came up face-to-face with close-ordered ranks of Doodle muskets and artillery. "Charge of the Light Brigade" popped into mind as a concept, but not so well mentally-rendered as the action was too intense. We were ordered to hold, took to the ground, and dropped like flies as the army fanned out around us. I lost over 1/3 of my company within the first 5 seconds. What a moment.

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