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April 26, 2011


David Corbett

Dear Berks.,
Beautiful but stupid.
Red man-noble.
White man-bad.
The Chippewas kicked the "Sioux" out of Wisconsin. Almost all of the other Plains Tribes despised them.
The Costner character records and illustrates his observations in his commonplace book. When the Lakota visit him and he attempts to tell them about a buffalo, he crawls on the ground using his fingers to indicate horns. Why didn't he just draw them a picture?
Liberal, guilt for the serial killer/torturers/gang rapists of the Plains. Beautiful film and hey, who cannot appreciate Wes Studi, but a hammer-to- the- head message movie.

P.S. don't forget the white officer who urinates on himself and then blows out his brains.
I suggest you read Twain's "Noble Red Man."

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