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March 09, 2011


Tim Abbott

Thanks for following up on this in the Gazette, Tom.

Tom Baker

I checked the Sept. 1, 1777 issue of the NY Gazette. There is some mention of the particulars of Dongan's ultimately fatal wounding, and passing mention to his son's death. But nothing about his wife being raped.

Tim Abbott

Nick, as later posts in this series suggest, I think it is likely that he was wounded near Old Blazing Star Ferry in the first with he American Rear Guard. This accords with communications that Brig Campbell says he had from Dongan on the march from Prince's bay to meet up with Campbell. The again, it might have been in the fight with Ogden's men earlier in the morning. Unlikely to have been near Prince's Bay.

Nick Matranga

Trying to locate where Col Dongan was wounded on Staten island. I am specualting it was near Prince's Bay. Do you know if the Col.s Will has survived?


It strikes me that I should add "Albion's Seed" in spite of the fortuitous title with regard to the instant topic, is not entirely, or even mostly, about sex.


For further evidence of the commonplace, almost casual, treatment of rape, check out "Albion's Seed," by David Hackett Fischer, particularly the section on Virginia's "sex ways," containing excerpts of William Byrd II's diary.

According to Fischer, "Men, especially gentlemen, were encouraged by the customs of the country to maintain a predatory attitude toward women. ... With very mixed success, [Byrd] attempted to seduce relatives, neighbors, casual acquaintances, strangers, prostitutes, the wives of his best friends, and servants both black and white, on whom he often forced himself, much against their wishes." p.300

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