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January 06, 2011


Kerrick Caldwell

My direct relative Banibus Little Otis served with the 20th Connecticut Vol under Col. Durkee. They were assigned under Mercers command following being engaged in Trenton. Barnibus agreed to stay an addtional six months yet was woundef right here on this battlefield. I have been desperately trying to figure out where this would have taken place out of respect for him. Being a vetern myself I find it to be important. He did survive and was mustered out shortly after. By accounts and assuming he would have been captured if wounded in the initial exchange I presume it likely took place during the counter attack when Washington arrived. Please, if you could, send me any additional information you can offer.


According to this map, the British look to have retreated past 206, to somewhere around or past the present day location of the Hun School, before they turned towards Princeton and to Trenton, trying to get back to their barracks after the battle. Was Rosedale Rd. their route, or did they come back to 206 and straggle home that way? Despite living not far from the battlefield I've never bothered to learn much about it (lazy me) and now I'm interested.

Thanks for this!

Todd G.

I also would interested in reading this report. While reading the quoted text all your subsequent caveats came to my mind as well regarding pension applications. Given the time lapse, and the need for unquestioned service at a certain place, how trustworthy are those accounts. Still, it is nice to see someone investigating actual US military history. I also think that the co-operation of historians and archaeologists provide what could be a powerful investigative historical tool. The trouble of time and money will be preventative, I'm afraid, for many of the possible partnership projects to be conducted.

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