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September 22, 2010



We have have been advocating for the American Pine Nut species for 15 years and the pine nut mouth issue done a great deal to help with that mission. However, the BLM and USFS in Nevada continue to deforest pinyon range for cattle and fuels. Mr. Engle is absolutely correct - New Mexico use to produce millions of pounds on a fairly regular basis. The politics of land use and culture of cattle, destroyed much of that potential, then the ips beetle destroyed millions of trees. All the more reason to protect the Nevada pine nut species.
Wonderful work on your post.
Thank you,
Penny Frazier

William F. Engle

Northern New Mexico , was at one time , the largest producer of PINION nuts . The pinion forests are still here and you can buy pine nuts on most sunny day from roadside vendors. Price is $6.00 to $12.00 generally. Locals take the shells off with their teeth and spit them out. You can buy shelled pinion also. Salted or no?
How many you want,eh?


After visiting Trader Joe's several times for pine nuts and to no avail, and then being told a few days ago at Whole Foods in Walnut Creek that they were having distribution/supply issues getting bulk pine nuts, I figured something was up. So upon some investigation, I came across this information. Aside from the production issues, I found out some other interesting pine nut information. Read on...

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