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August 08, 2010


David B.

The Berkshires, Litchfield, Lakeville, Rt.7, the Housatonic,
Lime Rock, Simon's Rock, the whole area is magical.
I grew up in Ridgefield, and know the area very well.
However, I live in Phoenix, Arizona now, because it is free.
We teach our five year old son how to set boundaries, and
defend those boundaries. My wife and I are students. We
study how to be responsible for our own, and our family's
protection and well-being.
Approximately 90% of all violent crimes are committed by people
under the influence of alcohol or alcohol and drugs.
Some 20% of all female trauma emergency department admissions
are for injuries sustained from domestic abuse.
I used to be a Democrat voting liberal; but there was an
underlying questioning of the "truths" that needed blind
Now I am a conservative, fundamental, evangelical Christian,
and have learned much, including More Guns = Less Crime.
*Live in Condition Orange.
*Choose friends and surroundings wisely.
*Live in freedom, and defend that freedom from all enemies,
foreign and domestic.

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