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April 02, 2010


Grant Mishoe

Love to you brother... nothing but respect and love.


Brother Tim. Your words are pure, laden, and devastating. You are an honorable man walking a difficult path and I am walking beside you. Our thoughts are with you, your lovely wife, and your adorable children. Hang in there. Few feel it like you. Fewer still dare put words to the pain. Keep feeling it, keep writing it, and keep walking. Love, respect, and gratitude, brother.


Dear One,
You are deeply loved by so many of us.Let this knowledge sustain you when doubts and fear and lonliness threaten. Love was not a mistake. Your beautiful children are not the products of a mistake. Lives changed. One spirit soared where another could not follow. Trust the spirit that is capable of flying. Mizpah,Mom.


Tim, my brother, you are so strong. For all the sadness, fear and loneliness, your words ring powerfully and true. Keep writing and digging in the dirt. Don't forget for one moment that you are loved.


I'm always deeply moved by your words Tim but no more so than today when I read your post. I've been where you're at, in a relationship that wasn't working and struggling to find my way out in a way that makes sense. I know there is much pain in your heart and soul right now. Sadly, it will get worse before it gets better. But it will get better. And better. Be strong and take comfort from your friends. And write because you have to, you should, and we want you to.

Terry Cowgill

Wow, I wish I could write like that. Sad but oddly uplifting as well. I hear you loud and clear, Tim. Be brave, my friend.


My heart aches as I read this but I also have hope that such a beautiful spirit will still continue to soar, even if differently.


Thoughts are with you from Amsterdam, Tim. Strength to you both.


Tim, you share your heartbreaking thoughts in such an eloquent way. I have been wondering a lot about my own marriage in the last year or two and I don't yet have the courage to move forward. It sounds like you are taking the thoughtful route. Take care.

Charlie Crystle

Beautiful and heartbreaking. You're in our thoughts, Tim.

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