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March 20, 2010


Grant Mishoe, Editor

CN, Thank you for your comment. I am not yet finished on this post. and will add an additional part in the next few days. I do apologize for the confusion.

The comment on my feeble writing was a bit low though. I appreciate constructive criticism, however when you immediately go for the "throat" people tend to not want to listen to them, considering them bitter and hateful.

I personally do not think this at all. I only describe how some people may construe your comment.

Once again thank you for your comment and have a Blessed Day.

Tim Abbott

CN, you will have to ask Grant what he meant to say (perhaps you intended to do so at his website, where he is still working out how to enable comments). I think his objection may well have been to the placement of the monument rather than the fact of its existence. Feel free to call him on it and I'll see if he would care to elaborate, here or at his site. We are still feeling our way in this voluntary exchange of perspectives, so I did not press the point in a further rebuttal. But that is why blogs have enabled comments.

Conn Nugent

Am I wrong, or is Brother Grant's objection to the Secession Ordinance Memorial limited to the question of where it should be erected?

It's hard to tell, since his grasp of expository writing is as feeble as his spelling.

The secessionist cause was the cause of the Slave Power not willing to be limited. It was not a cause of local rights or regional identity or constitutional disputation, despite some lipstick-on-a-pig provided by second-rank historians. Were soldiers of the CSA brave, sincere, and high-minded? Yes, and frequently so. Was their cause an abomination? Yes, indeed. Was Reconstruction ended prematurely? You bet. Ask any African-American. Brother Grant and other fine people may seek to unravel secession from White Supremacy, but it cannot be done. A memorial to secession is an insult to a multiracial society. If it's built, it should be dynamited.

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