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October 29, 2009


Tim Abbott

Brudnoy, huh? Mighty diverse family.

Bill West

I've got to agree with you Tim. The only other Christmas album
that matches Dylan's for lousiness was Aretha Franklin's that came out last year, and we were forced to play it in the store until finally the manager pulled it from the cd player.

I'm a longtime big Dylan fan but hey folks, the emperor has no clothes on this album.

BTW, Tim, did you know the late Boston talkshow host David Brudnoy
was Dylan's cousin?


I absolutely love everything Bob does , there isn't a crannie in his back catalogue that I can't find merit in ,but this is a complete dog or a joke gone wrong ...what was Bob thinking ??

Tim Abbott

Y'all crack me up. Thanks for driving the traffic through the roof. Rock on.


i saw bob in seattle a few days ago; one of the great concerts i've seen; right up there with a concert of miles davis i saw in the 70's; bob was on fire and brought the house down

Mike Willour

You are 100% correct. Dylan's singing has been just terrible terrible terrible for several years now. Maybe his recent songs are worthy, but we will never know because the performances are sooooooo bad.


I never understand the nastiness directed towards bob; what's the point?


Have all these penpushers and so called critcs declared their conflict of interest ? Free travel, concerts, lunch and interviews etc... re. charity ? the relatively poor give to the absolutely poor while the rich sony's get richer, only religion can make you do that.


Please save your blog for music and commentary on things you know something about.

Bruce M

You Sir, are an arse.

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