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June 28, 2009



Hi, I too have an original Arthur Lumley oil painting, and am wondering if the earlier poster Bob Vidal had any responses. I have searched the Internet and found a fair amount of info on Lumley, but I see none of his paintings or references to them.
My oil on canvas depicts a nobleman quite fancy and dashing in fancy dress who appears drunk and full up from a meal at a small table where perhaps a round of cards had been played- It has an English feel, but in warm/dark Spanish overtones-- I would appreciate any help anyone could bewith perhaps the provenance of this work and/or any more information on Mr. Lumley.
Thank you-

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I am moving to Carthage, Missouri on November 3rd and I am looking for Civil War reenactment groups in that area. I am really big into reenacting, so if anyone knows of any groups, I would greatly appreciate it if you told me. I am also looking for a place to volunteer, where you dress in time period clothing. Like a museum or something. Thanks.

Bob Vidal

Hi, I have an original Arthur Lumley oil painting that I am looking to sell. Its a landscape painting of a mountain/river scene with much detail. I would also love to find out what the subject of the paining wasm as Lumley was a well known Civil War sketch artist for Harpers and the Army of the Patomic.


As an archivist, I'm always pleased when collections such as these find there way into the public sphere. There are far too many(?) collections of this sort in private hands.

But then again, private collectors are responsible for doing what many public institutions can't afford or deem unimportant.

Good for Sheila and Boston College.


Thanks for this post. My husband is a civil war buff, I will pass the link on to him, so he can enjoy the Becker Collection.

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