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December 10, 2008


Tim Abbott

Dan, I've been enamoured of costume since I was a very young pup, and renaissance faires have seen me cavort in doublet and hose on many an occasion. The deer hide tanning did not produce the desired results the first time around, but I believe I've got the wrinkles worked out. I had my mind set on a pair of leggings, appropriate for Natty Bumpo, and perhaps next years I'll manage it.

Dan Trabue

swap stories about do-it-yourself armor and adventures in home-tanned deer hide.

You sure sound like an interesting fella, Tim. Armor? Really? Do you have photos of that or your home-tanned deer hide?

That actually might be something I'd be interested in at some point.

charlie crystle

I've been thinking about this a lot recently, because here in PA we're trying to get asingle-payer healthcare bill passed, and the key is to get Republican support. So I'm meeting with lots of them and listening. Just listening. Not selling, not debating, just listening.

So far I perceive a different worldview in their positions, but if you go beyond positions you start to learn what values led them to those positions.

I'm a registered Democrat, but I'm finding it hard to stay that way when Democrats won't address healthcare issues head-on, and instead play politics and respond to the powerful few with the bucks.


It should not have taken you even that long to crack that code, Steve, given that I was very upfront that my personal politics and those of Glenn Reynolds and Tigerhawk are largely different. I wish I could say the same about your cryptic comment, the point of which -aside from a rather dismissive snarkiness - unfortunately eludes me. But perhaps you wished to prove my point that it is easy to trivialize and dismiss those in other camps. Not knowing you personally, I would not presume to say.


In this commentary, you twice referred to "outcomes" instantly letting me know that you're a lib.The outcome pleasing to such is the only principle,.

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