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September 18, 2008


Charlie Crystle

Thanks, Tim. These things are frequently on my mind.


Tim, this is actually really helpful to me as I wade around as a board member of a little nonprofit that's suffering from some great gaps in leadership. This is going to help me think about what we need, to complement what we already have.

Tim Abbott

Must be something in the wind, Thomas. I'm glad that what I wrote was meaninful to you, and sorry that it describes actual and very difficult circumstances for you and your co-workers.

Thomas MacEntee

Tim you have no idea how relevant this all is to me. After being open for 119 years and founded by one of the members of the Levi Strauss family, my law firm - Heller Ehrman, LLP - is about to dissolve. I'm disappointed in the lack of management and leadership - and I think in these economic times it is so easy to blame mismanagement on a bad economy.

So I'll join the working wounded but my co-workers and I seem to have a place of refuge: http://hellerhighwater.wordpress.com which someone created. It uses the water and ship disaster theme - taken a bit too far at times - but the advice has been invaluable.

Thomas MacEntee
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