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August 03, 2008


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Baseball is the great American teacher!

Tim Abbott

At first i thought maybe I'd blown it. I sat on the edge of her bed Sunday morning and watched her dark eyes fill with tears. After a long hug, she, too, came to a place where she said maybe she could like the Dodgers, too, and then she announced that she'd need to find a new favorite Red Sox player. Her brother had already staked out a claim to Big Papi so I knew that he was out of bounds, and I wondered who else had made an impression on her. Several minutes later, over Cheerios, and no longer looking so forlorn, she cocked her head at me and announced solemnly; "I'm kind of interested in Papelbon." That's my girl.


A relationship that had run its course.

She's old enough to know her parents are the only people who will stand by her -- even if it stinks to find that out.


Wonderful post, I know I'll get over Manny, eventually. My 4 yo son shrugged it off and asked if he could now root for the Dodgers too, sure buddy, why not.


Tucker almost choked on his lunch when I told him about Manny. He was speechless, and briefly, I think, considered tears, but pulled his newly-9-year-old self together quickly and wanted to know, "Why?" He understands the concept of "too cocky" very well, and seems to be moving on. It's taking this boy to show me how much baseball can really teach us - I never would have known this 10 years ago.

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