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August 22, 2008


Tim Abbott

Stunning display of deduction and knowledge, Matthew! And well done, Mr. Corbett, who clearly knows his stuff as well.

David Corbett

Dera Berks . ,
#2 is Montgomery , # 3 Is Wm. McKinley , five is either Russell Crowe or Harold MacMillan ?
cordially ,
David Corbett

matthew mckeon

Is the British officer standing with the gloves and cane Montgomery? I'm not sure at all on this one. Seems too tall.

matthew mckeon

The young man, hatless, is Ernest Hemmingway. He hasn't got an American uniform(no high collar), but he does have a US on his shoulder strap. It's a red cross uniform.

Down to civil war guy and British/Commonwealth guy. A politician and a famous soldier.

Tim Abbott

Matthew McKeon is on a tear! He is quickly becoming the Michael Phelps of this event. And as with the Olympics, the true rewards are more than monetary.

But the last three are really hard. I think the Civil War soldier and the hatless vet will be slightly easier for him (and any other contestant) than the other officer, but all are suitably famous.

Matt McKeon

OK, the civil war soldier in the mustache, next to MacArthur, is Ambrose Bierce. That leaves the two British(or commonwealth) officers from WWI, and the clean shaven young man in the civil war uniform. One politician, one literary figure and one famous soldier...

Um..There is a cash prize, right?

Tim Abbott

Matthew, it is indeed! 4 more to go.

Matt McKeon

Is the first officer, with the helmet and sam browne belt Harry Truman?

Tim Abbott

Excellent work by Mr. McKeon! Still left to identify are two authors, two politicians, and a famous soldier.

matthew mckeon

82 is the poet Wilfred Owen

next to him is a very young Douglas MacArthur, in a West Point cadet uniform.

George Patton is appropriately standing in front of the WWI French tank.

The gentleman in the fez is "Chinese" Gordon, killed at Khartoum.

The flying officer with the cane, I'm not sure, but I want to say is William Faulkner.

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