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July 17, 2008


Tim Abbott


Sissy Willis

Here's something interesting I stumbled upon while working on something else:

Quiet revolution wind turbine

Cool, huh?

Tim Abbott

Thanks, Sissy. I find them inspirational, too, and expect our family will evaluate the potential up and down sides of one at Windrock. There is a boom and bust cycle to energy alternatives - ethanol may already have peaked and plunged - but clear-eyed solutions and the ability to make adjustments when new information challenges prior assumptions seem essential.

Sissy Willis

We've got what we call a "windmill" in Chelsea-by-the-Sea over on the grounds of the old Forbes Lithograph plant, which is now being turned into a super-green, mostly residential community reimagining some of the old buildings and building some new ones. Every time I catch a glimpse of the immense, white, elegant wind turbine, my heart skips a beat. It pops up in unexpected viewsheds (albeit none of them of historical or cultural significance), which I consider not a liability but a feature. Your arguments are good and interesting and have helped me understand the issues. :-)

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