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July 30, 2008



Wow, thanks Tim. That's high praise, indeed. /blushing
Installment II will be up sometime today or tomorrow.

In unrelated news, I watched the first two episodes of "John Adams--The Movie" last night. In spite of its liberally stretched (if not entirely fabricated) sense of time, history, and roles, I enjoyed it. It also gave me a brief glimpse into your own fascination with reenactments.

Thanks to how much smarter you've made me, I was also distracted by the Redcoats' uniformly red coats. I couldn't help but thinking that it wouldn't be too much to ask for a Tom Hanks-produced production to get that critical detail right, and set a lot of people straight in the process.

Ah, Hollywood. Always with the big promises, always with the coming up short.

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