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April 23, 2008


Terry Cowgill

The Dems' philosophical obsession with "fairness" will prove to be their undoing. This bloody battle would have been over long ago if they used GOP rules.

Conversely, McCain and Huckabee would still be slugging it out if the GOP used the Dems rules on proportional allocation of delegates. Republicans everywhere are loving this.

Lori Thornton

It does seem strange to me that they split it up. It will be the electoral college come November, and it becomes an entirely different game of politics at that point. If there were a "none of the above" option for the 2008 election, I'd choose that. None of the candidates remaining excite me! I'm sure that I'll end up voting for one of them, but frankly, none of the "big three" has articulated an answer to the economic issues we are facing that seems as though it would work.

Tim Abbott

Not really. And not endorsing it if they do. But intrigued nonetheless that conventional politics says win the big states and play to likely voters (and that is Clinton's line), and conventional politicians are the ones who run the DNC. A proportional allocation is more democratic but less predictive of how national electors are alloted, as you note. If Obama has truly changed the landscape of likely votors and wins, then old thinking will be truly gone by the wayside. But I would have though he'd have made it a closer race in PA and Ohio if that were true.


Bet they don't do it different next time -- at least as far as winner-takes-all goes.
I have no problem with Hillary, but you seem to be parroting her current, self-serving line, in which she seems to tout the superiority of the Republican nominating process. She wouldn't be complaining if she were ahead in delegates. What in the world is better about winner-takes -all? It has the same flaws as the electoral college.
Anyway, on another topic, loved the Henry Knox site.

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