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March 28, 2008


Tim Abbott

Ben, wonderful to hear from you. I was reading about the efundja and even blogged some about it here: http://greensleeves.typepad.com/berkshires/2008/03/too-much-of-a-g.html but your news exceeds imagining.

Ben Fuller

Tim, getting back into blogging and things after the operation last year. Suppose it means I'm recovered.

Some global warm,ing things things from Namibia. First, there are the floods in the North. The Cuvelai Oshana system has burst. About 65,000 people are displaced. Whole towns are cut off, business, schools etc., flooded. A few weeks ago the road between Ondangwa and Oshakati was impassable. No one has any memory of an efundja of this magnitude. In many areas up there crops have been washed away so there will be some serious hunger. With all that water we expect a bumper malaria season soon.

Second. Windhoek is having another year of heavy rains. This is the second in three seasons. Here at my house we are over 600 mm when the norm should be 350. There have been some theories that the Intertropical Convergence Zone may actually move further away from the Equator as a result of Global Warming. Like this year and 2005/06, it settled in around Tsumeb instead of up in Angola, which brings heavier rains to central and Southern Namibia. If the theory holds true, we may have a wetter climate, but the deserts of Southern Namibia and the Northern Cape would move South, which does not bode well for Cape Town and all the agricultural production that goes on in the Eastern and Western Cape as well as Natal. Worth keeping an eye on this.

Lastly, with a predicted rise in the oceans, and the prices of land down in Swakopmund still spiraling out of control, I'm thinking of finding a way to buy land about 2-3 kilometers back from the coast. It's worthless desert right now, but for my grandchildren could be a nice investment. :-) Seriously, what is shocking is the way some very pricey houses are literally a couple of meters from the shoreline. A couple centimeters rise, and those houses will be in serious trouble.

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