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March 04, 2008


Egy Azziera

Last night I played my first ever game of Dungeons & Dragons. I was a Dragonborn Paladin, which is bit like a monk-dragon-warrior thing, but noble. A bit like John The Baptist with scales.

Christopher Conner

It is because of Mr. Gygax that I started doing RPGs. I had to do a research paper in middle school and Dungeons and Dragons was the topic I chose! I learned alot. Unfortunately, I never could get into D&D when I was in school, but I tried to make up for it later in life.

Gary Gygax will be sorely missed! There is no other like him!

Bill West

Another icon passes. I was already out of college when D&D became popular and so never had the
chance to play it(although I bought all the manuals out at the time. Still have them someplace
around here). I did, however stumble into the world of online rp on mIRC twelve years ago
and I'm still in the same channel years later.

I've been reading sf and fantasy for wow..nearly 53 years now but the rp helped me
exercise my imagination enough to start writing. So like many others I owe Gary Gygax
a debt for all the hours of enjoyment the invention of D&D brought me even if I've
never actually played that original game.


Sad to see such an innovative thinker pass. I spent the last President's Day weekend at the OrcCon Convention in Los Angeles with my sons and three of their friends. An architect, two police officers and four college students who write, play ice hockey and practice martial arts. One of the dungeon masters paid us what is the greatest compliment to a D&D player, "You guys work together real well".

Thomas, you can be excused for your misconception, as like some stereotypes, there is an element of truth to it. Just don't let mass media shape your view of the real world like that.


oh, sad.


That's o.k., Thomas. Snark have low hit dice.

Some of us got out of the basement and went off to Renaissance Faires. The attractions of knights in tights and flowing flagons certainly improved our social lives.

Thomas MacEntee

Sorry for the snark but I wasn't a fan while my brother was - I just didn't get it. To me the game was always by guys who ended up living in their mother's basement for the next 20 years.

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