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February 13, 2008


Bill West

Sorry it took so long to come up with one back at you, Tim.
I'm older. Sometimes the brain needs a kick or two to get the Muse going:

A Berkshire greenman named Tim,
Will often just on a whim
Post old family photos
And then ask us just who knows
Funny captions to put upon them.

Tim Abbott

Dear Mr. Corbett:

Would that all such differences of opinion could be expressed civily in verse.

Regards, Tim

David Corbett

Dear Berkshires ,
Enjoy the blog but perhaps have a different view :

Kevin the Carpetbagger with his liberal opinions,
Delights in flogging the white Old Dominion ,
Sadly , he's a fish out of water and not a Virginian ,
Pity the Civil War Memorist born white and not black ,
The priviledged school teacher on the attack ,
How different t'would be were inner city student his minons !
Cordially ,
David Corbett



Thank you for writing such a, um lovely poem about me! I am gladly reciprocating! lol

Tim Abbott, who may be a cousin
Quips curiosities, more than a dozen
He walks in the Bershires
The strange are his frontiers
And his poems sometimes contain cussin'


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