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February 02, 2008


Tim Abbott

Too kind, Charles. The two of them are looking forward to your April visit.

And Terry, Elias will love that link, given that it features one of the few words he can read in big red letters.

Charlie Crystle

Elias is a terrific singer and an amazing kid. Emily Bemily Boo is quite amazing in her own way too!

Terry Cowgill

Amazing to think that Elias ranks so much higher than my son Roger's name at 453. Mine is only a few slots higher than Roger. Indeed, even names like Jamari, Braylon and Zachariah rank ahead of him. If I call out Roger's name in a crowd, chances are that only an adult would turn his head, since there are so few youthful Rogers anymore.

If he is looking for further validation, Elias can take comfort in this very fine sports information company, trusted by thousands of journalists and junkies:


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