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January 28, 2008


E Macfarlane

Lakeland Limited sell a non-stick one

Simon Wigg

Please can you tell me where I can buy an aebleskiver pan in the UK

Tim Abbott

Indeed, they are three dimensional. Mine are rarely perfect spheres, but still close enough, as they say, for government work.

Dan Fulwiler

To be clear, aebleskiver are spherical, not round.

and, my bedstemor (Danish grandma) always used a knitting needle to turn them. I actually think your chopstick could lend some distinct advantages!

Tim Abbott

James, thanks very much for the correction!


Aebleskiver means "Apple-shaped". It does not come from sliced apples used in the filling although they could contain sliced apples or anything else they are filled with. Many eat them with no filling, just topped with jam, jelly or even syrup.

Tim Abbott

So how are Poffertjes different from Aebleskiver, besides in name?


We have our own pan, by the way. But we use it for poffertjes, indeed.

Tim Abbott

My little Aebleskiver pan cost just $10.99: well worth the risk, I'd say. And though it is heresy for a new Englander to say so, they really don't require any maple syrup. The chocolate chips, after all, don't need the competition!


If I squint I can pretend the filling is chocolate chips instead of blueberries ;-). There is an "As Seen On TV" version of the Aebleskiver currently being advertised, teflon-coated I think, and I will admit I have been tempted.

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