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November 22, 2007



"Is that a tomahawk in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?"


"I lost the toss and I'm having the baby. Squaws: Can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!"

Tour Marm

I'll take Manhattan, the Bronx, and Staten Island, too...

Note: OK, I know the second caption doesn't count but now I'm humming the tune!

Tour Marm

So Pocahontas finally says to John Smith, "Listen, I said I was a Virginian, not a virgin"!

Terry Thornton

"Thy tradeth thine globber for mine wampumpeag? . . . onlyeth wampumpeag. No suckauhock, no Sewant! Just pureth wampumpeag frometh the finest of whelks!. . . No quahogs!" . . . and the bartering continued for hours prior to that first Thanksgiving


"Dude, I have no frickin' idea what happened to your corn stash. Musta been those Nipmucs dug it up, man, nothing's safe from those guys. Um, you gonna eat that?

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