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November 28, 2007



Absolutely. CT is really the Olmstead epicenter, in terms of landscape design and the family itself. Our branch of it quickly moved from Hartford to Norwalk and Ridgefield, about 1.20 minutes drive south of where I live today.

Dan Trabue

We have a few Olmstead projects here in Louisville. Great family to be associated with.


We share a common ancestor in England. James Olmste(a)d came to America in the 1630's with two sons and two nephews. Frederick Law Olmste(a)d descends from one of the sons, while our branch of the family from one of the nephews. I have an early edition of Walks and Talks of An American Farmer in England that was purchased by an ancestor in recognition of that kinship.

Dan Trabue

Is Edward Olmsted any relation to THE Olmsteds of Parkscaping fame?


Tempting to think so, but the duel post-dates Alexander Hamilton's death by 8 years.

Tour Marm

Yet another Hamilton involved in a duel?

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