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November 15, 2007


Tim Abbott

Greetings, Kenny. There is no record of service for 2nd Lt. Ebenezer Olmsted after Dec 15, 1777 when he resigned just as the army was preparing to enter its final winter quarters at what would be Valley Forge. He three campaigns between 1775 and then are well established. The fact that he robbed the town blind in the 178o's when appointed to collect taxes is something most folks have also forgotten. Ah, well!

Kenny C. Olmstead

Ref: Ebenezer Olmsted & Esther Olmsted pension declaration.

Esther (Ingersol) Olmsted's declaration to obtain survior benefits for a husband's service in the Revoltionary Army is somewhat dubious.
His service can be documented but I don't believe he ever served at Vally Forge. (A) There is no record of Ebenezer Olmsted on the rosters of Valley Forge. (B) The geographic area of Ebenezer Olmsted military service was in New York and Connecticut.

Please respond if you have other information.

The Tour Marm

We had a similar situation in my father's family of strict Methodists. We found out however, that some marriages were civil until the pastor circuit rider could come around and marry them proper - that's the date of the marriage in the bibles rather than the marriage certificate from the courthouse!

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