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August 21, 2007


Judy Kingston-Smith

I agree with Peter, it is a great and informative post and the information is presented in an accessible style. If we are not careful the history will get lost and then our children and their children will not know their roots...


What a great and informative post. I am glad to see this information presented in such an accessible style. For those looking for a similarly accessible history of the native peoples of southern New England, I recommend the newly published book A Cultural History of the Native Peoples of Southern New England: Voices from Past and Present by Moondancer and Strong Woman, two natives. It is a wealth of information on this early time period, and has many insights into what lead up to the revolution as it contains many quotes from early Euroamerican accounts.


Thanks very much for the kind words, Doug, and I am pleased that the series has appealled. As a writer with rather varied interests and a tendency to blog deeply in a number of broad directions, it is good to know that a sustained exploration of a topic like this retains your interest. There are probably 3 or 4 more posts to come in the Sullivan Series, after which I suspect we all will need to shift to some lighter fare!

Doug Hudson

Fascinating series, I knew the Revolution was a disaster for the Iroquois, but I wasn't familiar with this specific campaign.

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