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June 13, 2007


B Burns

Roger Taylor of Queen would die of envy!


My great aunt knew this guy and once, when I was looking at his picture, she told me he had been hunting in Nicaragua, returning home in a jaguar outfit.

The photo has already been correctly pointed out to as being reversed, my aunt's was not and had been watercolored to bring out the pelt and flesh tones...

I too have wondered as to what rifle he was carrying. I really do not think it was a Merrill as the lock plate is really too short. So, no ideas.

Lachlan Gow

Ever since I saw this photo of Sam Richardson many moons ago in a Time-Life volume on Partisans in the ACW, it has been one of my favourites. I had forgotten the name of the person in the photo, but today I remembered and here I am !

Another favourite pic of mine is a group of yankee volunteers relaxing in camp. It's the most relaxed I've seen in a period pic. Some are sitting, others kneeling, some reclining. What makes me smile is one guy has a stalk/ear of wheat or suchlike and is bending over and tickling a reclining comrade in the ear with it ! I hope they made it through the war !


Lachlan Gow


I've been thinking about the suggestion that Capt. Richardson is carrying a Merrill carbine instead of a Sharps or another make. I am absolutely no expert on the distinctions, here, but have a couple of observations to make for those who may be.

The image is reversed. The firing mechanism should be on the right side of the carbine so that it can be cocked with the right hand. In the image it is oriented to the left.

The images I have found of the 1858 Merrill .54 cal. carbine have a brass plate on the stock that is clearly visible on the carbine in the photograph. I have seen images of the Sharps with and without such a plate.

The 1st and 2nd model Sharps carbine had a different lock design than the carbine in this image, which does look more like the Merrill.

So probably not a Sharps - it's been a very long time since I held one or paid close attention to its details - and quite possibly a Merrill. Other opinions and interpretations welcome.

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