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June 15, 2007


Rosita Shomaker (maiden name Key)

My name is Rosita Shomaker (maiden name: Key) My family has done from history and to come to find out he is my great great great great something. How do you know all this information. Can you please email me at blackroses6726@gmail.com

Guzeta Swatzue

praise da lord 4 da national anthem.

Tim Abbott

Gary, they are indeed beautiful. I believe that all subscribers received these certificates but know little more about them than what is contained in this post.

Gary Ackerman


I have come upon one of the Francis Scott Key certificates that my Father had signed into. I am under the impression that if you support the need for the memorial the subscriber would recieve one of these certificates? Would anyone have any additional Info. about his. His certificate # is 85904 and was dated 1910 all made out with his name in full. I've framed it under glass and it looks beautiful.

Sharon Minor

I aquired one of these certificates, along with art that which had the same persons name on both. This was in the 90's from estate sale. When my son came home fdrom Iraq, 2006, I gave them to him. I can not find any info in the Print or what ever it would be called. Can anyone help?

Thank you
Sharon Minor
Carroll County

Charles Keys

Hi, I don't mean to bother you with questions that may seem trivial to you but several years ago my Uncle received a letter informing him that he was a decendant of Francis Scott Key. He has passed away since then and I was a very young man at the time and never ask questions or tried to do any follow up on the matter. I now regret this very much. My name is Charles Keys (KY), my father, Roy G Keys(KY), his father Milas Keys(KY, TN), I think his father was John Keys(TN). I have no other information but would appreciate any help you could give. If you have information on Francis Scott Key and his Geneology I would appreciate it very much.

Best Regards.

Charle L Keys.
Barboueville, KY.

Tiour Marm

Sorry I haven't mastered html, but you might be interested in the tiny Francis Scott Key Park on M Street beside Key Bridge which links Georgetown to Rosslyn, VA. http://www.hmdb.org/marker.asp?marker=119

I can only surmise that one of the reasons that the house was neglected was that his only son, Philip Barton Key was murdered by Daniel Sickles (great story, there) and the neighborhood, which was a seaport, had become a bad part of town. (No one at the time had any idea that his poem, set to a drinking song, would become the national anthem!)

Bit of trivia: I have been under the impression that this particular spot is also important in the study of the Potomac River, as north of the bridge, the Potomac is a river, and immediately south, it is an estuary.

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