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May 29, 2007


Assistant Village Idiot

First, Legolas would make a great president, and I'm sorry no one thought of this before. I always thought Bill Clinton was a lot like Saruman, so that's been tried.

The extension will be to create characters who are like the various candidates in attributes and then game them through a thousand likely futures. There actually might be something to this in a general way, as we learn what type of leader is best for threatened war, which for actual war, which for recession, which for times of prosperity.


Onyxia: Enter the Dragon lady! Yep, would have been a cool idea, too.

Georg Felis

Heck I thought this was about what Warcraft character we wanted for President. Can you imagine the campaigns? Grom Hellscream for Supreme Warlord, he shall wade through the blood of our enemies to victory! Or Vote Magni Bronzebeard for King to eliminate Government waste and build up the national treasury. Not only will he drill in ANWAR, he’ll mine there too! Or even Vote Warchief Thrall. One man. One vote. Once.

Yes, I am an addict. How can you tell? :)


Gladly granted. I have no idea how other adult gamers maintain their real lives outside of WOW given its addictive qualities. I, myself, limit my gameplay to Saturday nights at a friends where there are two computers and two WOW accounts. If I had my own I'd be a level 70 dwarf warrior by now with a hoard of treasure in the World of Warcraft, but penniless and divorced in the real world.


OMG too funny. I can't believe there's one named Kucinich .. I can't even SPELL his name (although I think he's the only true progressive.. sorry Al. Love ya, but..)

I actually saw Al Gore at Lincoln Center onstage with a reindeer in 2000. He's quite funny and engaging (the reindeer was no slouch, either.. hey he let me pet his nose, Al Gore DIDN'T. But that's cool, I understand).

Permission to crosspost? I'll link back to this post.. it's too hilarious not to share ^_^ I know way too many WOW players, considering I'm an adult..

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