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May 30, 2007



Well, sure, it's got a lot to do with choices and what governs the food options people have. I spent a year in college as a vegetarian, then threw all that out the window when I went to Africa and my choices were basically boiled goat or starvation - not to mention the rudeness of refusing the chicken [or goat] which had just been slaughtered for the "honored guest."

Assistant Village Idiot

Here is the opposite scenario to consider. My Romanian sons, who had to do backbreaking labor in rural Transylvania before coming here, agree that farm tomatoes, fresh milk, and gathered berries are much better. But they still have no interest in doing any of it, and look at American gardeners as if they are batshit crazy. They wonder why anyone would bother just because it tastes a little better.

I think the difference is the amount of work needed. American farmers certainly work hard, and the generations before us worked even harder, but nothing like the unending labor with little result that farming usually means in most of the world. It doesn't take many years of that before a supermarket produce section looks like heaven, whether it's overpriced and bland or not.

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