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May 18, 2007


Lisa Geary

Hi! We have an old elm tree in our back yard that we love. I am glad to hear others surviving. The tree has been here since we moved in 18 years ago and still going. I think because it is not close to any others. We have not had the funds to have it sprayed but we clear around it and take care of the tree itself. Every year we have had a Baltimore Oriole nest in it! We live on the shoreline in Connecticut in a town where all the elms on our Green were lost, so we hold our breath every year that the elm leafs out.

Sissy Willis

Great post, by the way! :-)

Sissy Willis

We have a stately beauty just down the street that seems to be doing well. I picked up a sprig that had blown over to our porch in a rainstorm the other day. Most memorable elm experience: Just as the students were receiving their diplomas at my nephew's Trinity College graduation a few years back, a wind came up, and down came a shower of their tiny winged seeds across the campus green, a perfect commencement metaphor. You probably know that Harvard has an endowment to shore up the famous Yard elms while a new program of mixed species begins to replace them.

Janice Brown

What a great story about the Elm tree! As I understand it, disease was not the only thing that helped kill off our ancient Elms. In a number of cases when towns or cities began using gas, and installed pipelines, the leaking gas, plus reckless digging near the trees to put in gas and sewer lines, aided their demise.


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