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April 28, 2007



I was kind of hoping you could shed some light on a quandry I'm facing.. I hope you don't mind. You seem to be an all around enviro-natural guru ...

I'm participating in a Galerucella beetle rearing project to control purple loosestrife, and I have a site in Kent that I can use as a release site, I was hoping to release some of the beasts in my town. I've seen Purple Loosestrife in several public and town owned areas. I have put in a request to one public but apparently privately run park that I just adore, but I'd like to get a town park as a backup release site.

Problem is, I can't seem to find the right person to ask.

The contact at UCONN (a delightful woman, lots of positive energy) has Federal and State permits in place so the insects can be released, but the program requires consent from a designated property owner or someone responsible for the site.

I've been in contact with the Inland Wetlands Commission Chairman (and all around Invasives guy) who sent me to the Wetlands commissioner who's now sending me to the Parks and Rec guy.. who will look at me as if I have three heads and ask me if I want to take a tennis class this summer.

I know each town is different, but how to cut thru the red tape? (I have an aversion to bureaucracy which doesn't help).

Any ideas?


You can email me at worm_ct at yahoo dot com

I'm in New Milford, CT if that makes a difference. Our current mayor likes to plow over and pave open space. She seems to prefer strip malls to wetlands. :(

Terry Cowgill

And perhaps talking abut them in terms usually reserved for your kids also makes them "more palatable, somehow." Can invasive species make bad choices? If we hack away at them, are we giving them a time out? Does a two-year-old plant become terrible?


Now that I would try - the salsa, not the President. I'm all in favor of devouring one's enemies: it makes them seem more palatable, somehow. But how much of the stuff would I have to eat to make a dent in the crop?

No matter. Drop in in a couple of weeks for some Knotweed Pie!


bah - youve never had Garlic Mustard Salsa

but I agree its an aggressive invading pushy little nasty plant. Reminds me of the horticultural version of George Bush.

Sissy Willis

They call to mind the soul-killing Gramscian infiltration of our cultural institutions during the last century:


As you say, it cannot be reformed.

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