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March 04, 2007


Tour To  Niagarafalls From Toronto

Wonderful work!! I really love your work keep it up.


Ray Barker's wonderful travelogues are remarkable, not only because of the impressions he records of the places the family visited and what they saw and did, but for what they reveal about the writer. I compare them with the diaries intermittantly kept by his son, my grandfather, of various trips cultural tours at a similar age, and find much that is similar in the voice of the next generation. There was a strong sense that while pleasurable, such trips had specific educational purposes, and one recorded and described what one experienced with the same studious attention as if taking notes in a lecture hall. "Specimens" were collected and their identities duly noted - natural history ones in my great-grandfather's case - while there is a small box of rock chips carefully, if shockingly labelled "Notre Dame" and "Hindenberg Line" from my grandfather's trip to Europe in the 1920s!

The Tour Marm

How wonderful! Your family was quite adventurous!

It would be interesting for you to try and duplicate that trip to Niagara writing down your own observations. Or better still, take a thirteen year old with you! So much has changed (much for the better) and your ancestors saw more water going over the falls!

I'm conducting an educational tour for two buses of eighth graders (13 year olds) from the LA area to New York State this April. We're starting out at Niagara Falls - alas! too early for Maid of the Mist and Cave of the Winds. (The new passport restrictions made it impossible for us to get to the Canadian side.)

If you look at my other web page when it is up, you can follow our progress! http://www.roadsscholars.blogspot.com

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