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March 02, 2007


David M Tyler

You history bloggers may have seen the article about a Job Tyler bringing evidence against a certain man who "damaged his wife with satanism" I am trying to figure about if this was my ancestor (he was involved in a number of court cases and in a famous one, several of his sons were falsely accused of witchcraft but were aquitted) or if this was the other Job Tyler. Yep, there were 2 of them! One died in 1700 and (I believe) is buried in Andover while the other one is buried in parts unknown to me. If you have any information on this, please write to me at GershomMontana2006@yahoo.com because I think our family biographer made some errors with the family tree.

Alice Ballard Choper

Looking for the ancestors of Mary Abbott, b. 1800 in NH, died Freedom ME 1875.
Married to William Bragdon b. ME 1794 died 1879 Freeport ME.
I believe Mary Abbott to be the daughter of Reuben Abbot. I am getting confused with all the Reuben Abbotts that I have been finding. Have strong connection to Andover thru William Ballard line. I will she if I can locate the book that is mentioned above.
Thanks in advance for any help.
Kindest regards, Alice Ballard Choper

Peggy Thompson

My ancestors were both sons of George Abbot[t] and Hannah Chandler, John and Thomas.Erastus Abbott and Lydia Ann Ackley's[wish we knew her parents] daughter was the last to carry the Abbott name in my line.
I so wish we had images of the ancestors and more information on where those, before Erastus who is buried in Peru,Maine with wife, are buried and moe on their lives,professions,talents,personalities and causes of death.
I am pleased to see you have written some of their family history.It is wonderful to see the kin responding.I would ove to see them in person.I am an artist by profession and reside in SC..


Dear John, I am delighted to learn of another distant Abbot relation and to know that you found this post about our ancestor informative and enjoyable. Although an Andover Abbott on my paternal side, our conection to Rebecca Nurse and your family comes from my mother's line. From Obed Abbott and Elizabeth Tarbell, her line comes down from their daughter Sarah Abbott who married Isaac Stearns. The Stearns line continued on to John Owen Stearns, my gr-gr-great grandfather. His daughter Mary Athalia Stearns married William N Olmsted, their daughter Margaret Stearns Olmsted married Archibald Gracie Ogden, and their daughter, Athalia Stearns Ogden, is my grandmother, still with us at 96 years of age.

Best wishes, Tim Abbott

J.S. Abbott

Thank you for the interesting note. Our family is descended from Obed Abbott and Elizabeth Tarbell. After reading yet another newspaper article on the Harris/Hitchins/Dawkins books, I was reflecting on Rebecca Nurse's story and came across your blog.

Thanks again. John S. Abbott


Dear Elinor - I have taken such pleasure in the pre-publication edition of your book and look forward to purchasing a copy of the first edition next month. You must be very relieved but also eager for the May 1st release.

As to how we are related, I descend from George (Sr) Abbot(t) and Hannah Chandler's youngest son Nathaniel. He married Dorcas Hibbert of Salem Village and their son (Deacon) Joseph Abbot(t) married Deborah Blanchard. Their son Nathaniel served in Frye's Co. of Minutemen and later as an officer in the 11th MA during the Revolution. He married Sarah Stevens and the family left Andover for Wilton, NH. Then comes a number of Nathaniels, drifting back to MA and then to NYC by the Civil War, and during this time we started using the second "t" in our last name.

Best of luck and thanks for the kind words.

Tim Abbott

Elinor Abbot

Tim, It was very nice to see my book on Andover, "Our Company Increases Apace" quoted on your blog! After working hard on something, it is good to see people using it. You say you got a copy of the pre-release edition from your mother who works in the Andover Bookstore. Maybe she got it from the December booksigning at the North Andover Historical Society.
No doubt we are distant cousins of some sort... I'll be in Andover next month and will try to find your family there.

If you or your readers are interested in the following updated information about how to get the book, here it is:

The official-release edition is ready now, available May 1st.It differs in a few small details from the one you have. We corrected some typos and a couple of errors in the maps. Also we needed to make clear in the Appendix that the town seals were designed after the town banner, not before. We also trimmed the sub-headings in the Table of Contents , so that it will display better on Amazon and Ethnologue.com. Information about the book is already up on the Ethnologue.com site.

Elinor Abbot
(currently in Dallas, Tx


Kelly, how fascinating! My parents live in Andover (my mother works at the Andover bookstore and father is a fundraiser for the Academy) but moved back to the area after a 200-year absense by our branch of the Abbot(t) family. One of the readers of this blog has 2 children of old George Abbot in his pedegree, while we get the unrelated George (of Rowley) Abbot(t) as well on my mother's side, and it is this branch that links us to Rebecca Towne Nurse. My middle name is Blanchard, and the Amos Blanchard House of the Andover Historical Society is a place I have spent many a happy hour.


Quite interesting, Tim!

I live in the old Benjamin Abbot Homestead, in the south part of Andover. I have been researching the family, and it is interesting to note that a descendant of Martha (nee Allen) Carrier's sister married into the family, and the Abbot owners of the Benjamin Abbot house from James Abbot (1780-1858) were descended from both of the feuding families--the Abbots and Allens.

And regarding intermarriage, I see that 9th generation Abbot, Chester Abbot, who was born and raised here on the homestead, was descended from the original George Abbot through FIVE different children of George.

The house is in wonderful shape, and the history of the Andover Abbots is fascinating.

Kelly :)


Thanks, Amy. Lot's of good stuff in that Carnival.

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