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February 26, 2007



Well, I imagine he had some help... ;-)

Sissy Willis

You may imagine you're pulling the strings, but everybody knows underneath it's all Bush's fault. :-)


Well done, Tim. :)


Creepy that I predicted this 24 hrs before it happened...If I have this effect on the DOW, imagine what other latent powers I might possess? Stay tuned for Hurricane Tim, coming to a low-lying coastal area near you!


The reporter tells me he was searching the web for bird blogs and people talking about why they bird. I read at 10,000 Birs that he spoke to that blogger as well but did not end up using her material, but others are mentioned. I am a very casual birder indeed compared to some of these folks but it was my no frills approach to the hobby that atracted the interest, I believe.

Dan Trabue

Cool. So how did the reporter find your blog?

Miss Chestnuts

Yow!!!!!!!!! There goes my nestegg. Make it stop Greenman! Make it Stop!



Thanks Sissy and Terry. The veil of anonymity is wafer thin, but no matter. I was astonished less by the thought that once interviewed my birdwatching preferences might appear in the WSJ than the fact that the article, good as it was, was front page news. And as Terry knows full well, while it's not the same as a feature in the Lakeville Journal, the Wall Street Journal is still a most honorable mention. ;-)

Terry Cowgill

See, Luddite- and techno-birdwatchers can co-exist (and now everyone knows your age!). You must have had a ball when you were a kid spying on all those avians on the wetlands surrounding the Millbrook campus.

BTW, the WSJ is actually quite a good way to get your news. The wall of separation between the conservative eddy page and the middle-of-the-road news department is as strong as I have ever seen it in a newspaper.

Sissy Willis

Totally awesome. I myself AM a subscriber and received a link to the article early morning. Way to go!!!

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