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February 11, 2007


Miss Chestnuts

I love seeing the Troupe pop up in this blog! My first thought for a caption for this photo was indeed, "I'm bad little buttercup..."

My first year in the Troupe was our last road trip to Southport for the Pequot Library benefit. Twenty years on we haven't found a nicer venue for the road trip than that, but we will be in Norfolk this summer so watch out for lightning bolts and maybe even a snoopy sheet for good measure.

With love from one of your two dear friends in the Blue Hill Troupe (the other one of whom is "glueing and screwing" sets as we speak and preparing for his "super" role as the headsmen/henchman).

Bill West

After his talk with his spirit guide John Lennon,
Jack Black decided to make "Nacho Libre"


That photo is too scary to joke about! :D


evidently the front half of JeZeus. ;)


"hey man, were we just struck by lighting man...?"

cute Peanuts sheet.

Martin Langeland

Actually they are Connecticut transplantings. I taught for a year at Fairfield Prep sometime in the early Miocene. My wife's God father was then Director of the Pequot Library. Blue Hill came there to do a G&S every Spring. Roy of alicublog was one of my students. I hold him up as proof that I damaged none of them despite the rumors to the contrary.


Now these are more like it! Good catch on the lightning bolts, Theo. But who's the apostle/deity in the snoopy bedsheets, then?

Two of my dearest friends are in Blue Hill troop, Marty. You must have NYC roots to go along with your West coast identity! Do tell!

Martin Langeland

Zounds! Another Kirby salesman!

Sorry I was dilatory in referring to #2 as:
Another audition for the Blue Hill troop.

Or is that too esoteric?




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