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January 22, 2007


Tim Abbott

Thanks, Donna, for pointing that out. I'm not sure the EMPHASIS was needed, however.


In the next to the last paragraph, you write about "Major John Ridge". There was NO such person in Cheroke history.

Major Ridge was just Major Ridge. His son was John Ridge--who was never a military officer.

Major Ridge was just called The Ridge when he enlisted to help Andrew Jackson against the Redstick Creeks in the War of 1812. After The Ridge was responsible for getting about 800 Cherokees to help, Jackson promoted him to Major. At that point, he was Major Ridge. He retained that rank as a part of his name for the rest of his life--even when he served as a Captain, later, in the Seminole War.

There was NOT a Major John Ridge.


wow, he 'married' alot of women. I guess the concept of dating wasn't popular back in the day.

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