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January 02, 2007


Walter Dufresne

One of the pleasures of blog writing is that it tends toward speed and informality. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, and it doesn't mean that all blog writing is less-than-fully-considered.

However, by definition, nearly all great writing – including the small subset of great academic writing - is very fully considered, truly and fully considered. Some of this great writing, by design, feigns speed and informality. That's fakery. Readers decide whether it's evil.

By its very definition, all academic writing is fully considered. The economic perils of less-than-fully-considered academic writing are so great that they make much of that writing dull as dishwater.

Walter Dufresne, Brooklyn, NY


My thoughts on anonymity have evolved with my blog. In the beginning, exploring the medium and wondering how it might serve my new conservation consulting business, I chose to keep my identity in the background. As things progressed, I decided to be more autobiographical, as well as to back up the information I was providing with a more open profile. My GreenmanTim alias is a hybrid, and my visual identity is a Greenman avatar, but the "About" section "outs" me, gives my bio and I submit to Carnivals under my own name.


I decided when I started my blog that I would use my real name. I am certainly no scholar (not even an amateur scholar!) but I indicate my seriousness and sincerity about what I write by putting my name on it. I can understand, though, that people who are famous in their fields of expertise might not want to be held to every jot and tittle in their blog or comments on the blogs of others. Still -- why write it if you can't claim it?

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