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January 11, 2007



I link to think that Nixon unclenched his jowls for a moment or two when I asked him if he knew anything more about Watergate...


Great story, Tim.

I'd hope your letters were worth more than a chuckle for the White House staff - I'd have been pretty impressed to read of a 5 year old with such questions and spunk!


Wow, I never got a phone call from a governor, but I did get to sing for Florida governor Bob Martinez on my one and only trip through Tallahassee (with an a capella group on Spring Break).


That's a cute story. I don't know that I've ever written a president, although I did write a letter to the governor of Iowa that was apparently so eloquent he called me at home to discuss it on the telephone. I also wrote Margaret Thatcher during the Falklands War. As I recall it was a couple of paragraphs expressing my great hope that she would "send those Argie bastards to their watery graves." As I recall, I got a note back a note on some very imperial-looking stationary that said only "the Prime Minister appreciates your support."

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