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December 28, 2006



Always a braided track, Fred, all those wheels within wheels. Wishing you the very best this New Year.

As for "Mr. Jowls", FT, the man was a living charicature of himself, but for all that a very dangerous one. I'm not sure whether your reference to Jacksonian evil referred to creepy Michael or Ole Hickory - that's what I get for mixing Presidents with my funk (although it worked in DEAD PRESIDENTS - now that's a soundtrack). A case could be made for either.


"I have an irrational fondness for tricky Dick," the original psychotic delusional presidential bad boy. Jackson was evil, but Nixon was affected.

I think that's why kids in grammar school embraced him. That and it was easy to do an impression of him (raise fingers in a V, shake imaginary jowl and say "I am not a crook").


I enjoyed reading this connection with JB--Mr I Feel Good--and your musical involvements across a variety of genres. Funny, the roads we take that bring us where we stand today. Happy New Year, with all its blind curves, hilltop vistas, twists and turns!

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