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November 29, 2006



Thanks, Laura and Monado. I may find the stomach to record other invert favorites, like the caterpiller of the Giant Emperor Moth, the Mopani Worm, eaten dried as a high protein snack throughout the northern provinces. They are actually a communally managed resource in the Omusati area conservancy.


If prawns, why not insects? Just as long as it's not bitter or poisonous.

It sounds like another one of those "God hates Mormons" moments: "And the Lord sent thousands of seagulls to steal away all those delicious, high-protein locusts from the hungry settlers."

I love your desription of African beer flavourings.

My mum said that when her father was a young sailor in His Majesty's Navy, at one point he got to negotiate with chiefs and accept their hospitality: fresh grubs, stew with little hands in it that he hoped were monkey hands...


I bet it was, with just a touch of *special* spice.

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