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November 30, 2006



My pleasure, Lene. It was an incomprehensible place, extreme in a multitude of ways.


Thanks for making the photos enlargable. The place is hard to comprehend, but the larger view helps a little. Absolutely amazing! I always enjoy your travel stories, Tim.


Walter, while our eastern coyotes may have picked up some wolf DNA during their expansion through Canada and down into New England, we have not had any true wolves in our wildlands for centuries.

Walter Dufresne

While there have been coyote packs in and around Northwest Connecticut for many years, have we had any lone wolves in recent decades?


Once when we were in the zoo in West Berlin (as it was at that time) on a winter day, there was suddenly a little wind and a cold rain began to fall. As this weather change took place, the wolves began howling. It was an eerie sound to hear in the very heart of the city -- a vivid reminder of the wild nature of those animals -- and I felt very sorry that they were caged.

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