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October 24, 2006



How rude of Typepad not to accept your comments! I assure you it is not intentional.

I did not have most of these stamps and was thrilled to have them.

Cattle Egret may be one of those extremely rare, deep geological time scale invaders that finds its way across continents and gradually becomes part of the native fauna (the way the Galapagos were colonized or Asiatic Brown Bears became America Griz). That kind of invasion is part of the background rate of species movement and recombination and I have a hard time lumping together with those invaders that have been human assisted.


I hope there were at least a couple in there you didn't already have :-). Your bird knowledge is impressive.

Some countries do call the cattle egret an invasive. I think it has even been spotted in Antarctica, making it the only bird known in the wild on all seven continents.

(again, I left this comment yesterday but it disappeared!)

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