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June 26, 2006



The State and DCR need to remember these are public lands. There are ample opportunities for DCR to have its way working within the land trust community which it oversees. Public concerns and wishes have been surveyed extensively,shown consistent,and need to be respected regardless of the egos of a few DCR employees. Its not their land-its the public's-and the public will MUST be respected. Otherwise the Stewardship Council and DCR individuals failing to adhere to the public call should be fired, recalled or removed for insubordination.


CGP, it is a step in the right direction, and more of that sort of thing is needed in many professions!

Crafty Green Poet

When I was at University, studying Botany, Ecologists and Foresters studied some of the same courses together. This at least theoretically meant that foresters graduated with some understanding of the environmental impact of their work and ecologists had some understanding of the workings of forestry. But it is indeed the case that far too often these disciplines don't understand each other...........

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