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I'm a conservation professional and a pretty good writer with eclectic tastes and interests.


My name is Tim Abbott, and I blog as GreenmanTim. I am the Litchfield Hills Greenprint Program Director with the Housatonic Valley Association. Nonetheless, this is my personal blog and reflects my views and opinions alone.

I spent near four years in southern Africa, first as a WorldTeach volunteer teacher and community-based conservation practitioner in Namibia in 1991 and 1992, and again on a Fulbright between Fall of 1996 and Spring of 1998. Still dream of southern skies and smell the rain on the hot desert wind.

I worked for The Nature Conservancy for seven years in the southern Berkshires, ultimately directing its Berkshire Taconic Landscape Program in portions of eastern new York, nw Connecticut and sw MA. I started my own consulting company, Greensleeves Environmental Services, in 2005 before accepting my current position, first with the Trust for Public Land and then HVA. It is important and rewarding work with many partnerships and opportunities for collaboration. But it is but one of many things I care about and which hold my interest.

I have a passion for American history and a particular and long-standing interest in the American Civil War ,and a more recent interest in the 18th century. I am the curator of an extensive family archive with genealogical material and primary source ephemera going back to the late 18th century. I used to front for a Funk band and I have worked 30 large pizzas at a time in a brick oven. I am partial to single malts on the "peaty" side of the spectrum. I write about many things, including natural and social history, genealogy, and the life of the mind. I think that about covers it. For more, see Interests:


Conservation - Red Sox Nation - Richard Thompson - Single Malt / Alpine Glow - Sugar on Snow - Books by Faulkner - Poems by Walt / Kisses under the Almond Tree - Free to be You and Me / Renaissance Faires - Woods with Bears - Harvest Moons - Joe Henry Tunes / King of Hearts - Cupid's Darts - Village Squares without Walmarts / Richard Sharpe - Oilcloth Tarp - Brown-eyed Girl - Pipes that Skirl / Lady Slippers - Slipper Shells - G&S - Ocean Swells / Peri Peri langoustines - Hu-Kwa Tea - Great Northern Beans / Bulgakov - Margaritas - Baba Ganoush and Home-Made Pitas / A Cappella - Tarantella - Walks in the Rain with no Umbrella / Facial Hair - Devil-may-Care - Grass-fed Beef Cooked Medium Rare / Politics - Family Trees - Kids with Kites and a Southwest Breeze / Baobabs and Muafangejo - All Night Train to Bulawayo / Social Justice - The Lone Ranger - Pesto Sauce - Camus' "The Stranger" / Spinal Tap - Thatched Rondavels - Funk - Black Adder - Flashman Novels / Early Modern American history- the rest (for now) still a mystery.