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August 28, 2009


Rusty Dominick

That’s an interesting insight into a life of a man who is usually portrayed as larger than life. Thanks for that. While researching George Washington and his life online, I came across another interesting site called Shmoop that might interest you as well. Its got biographical details, a detailed time line of his life’s events and great resources on the historical background of the time. A real complete picture for students teachers alike. http://www.shmoop.com/george-washington

Frank Shaffer

Thank you for a quick 'fun' read. I have more GW books and other things than 'Carter has Liver Pills'. In a quick look , I found a paragraph on this , non-starter of an episode in Flexner. THAT was almost too much. Shelves of books, and primary sources, here. Much ado about not one single thing of import, is this thing.

Greene was great, learning from his early mistakes 'round NY, and beoming a fine General in the South.

Olney: who cares?
Not me.


Cool, thanks! I'm currently reading Tuchman on the American revolution, by the way-- through the lens of British folly. Interesting stuff.

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