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November 10, 2008


designer tie

I guess wearing a red tie lets you emanate this authoritative aura, that you got the people under your command, whereas a blue tie gives you both power and humility at the same time. Red is such a strong color to being with, and blue is regal but calm, so I guess it depends on the style of leadership the wearer of the tie is practicing.

- Cliff Spears


Ha ha ha! Brilliant. I've always been fascinated by the changing concept of the power tie - I rememebr in the early 1990s when any sort of equestrian bridle motif was de rigeur - now they've disappeared altogether. My father seems to have made an accidental sartorial comeback with his cupboard full of stiped 1970s ties ;-)

Thanks v much for the weblog awards nomination btw! I was completely unaware of the event till I saw the link in my stats and found your very kind nomination.

Sissy Willis

Wonderful post. Your discovery of the first GW's precedent warms my heart. Some related thoughts from my 2006 blogpost "A Blue-tie State of the Union":

"Trust is the biggest issue out there today," said Leatrice Eiseman, director of the Pantone Color Institute. "The human mind connects blue with the elements of nature that are always there and never go away: the sky and sea. It's the color that invokes feelings of loyalty, steadfastness, constants. It's the believability factor."

"It's not that red isn't a power color anymore, but blue has overtaken it. Red has an exciting connotation but can also be connected with bloodshed and danger." In times of war and national anxiety, she said, "Blue is a much better choice."

More here: http://sisu.typepad.com/sisu/2006/02/_she_who_laughs.html


I don't think that what are commonly referred to as "f*ck me" shoes imply the sort of "power" generally sought after in a president or vice president. One of MANY mistakes in the presentation of McCain's running mate.


Palin's fab red heels with conservative black suits? The female equivalent of the power tie, imo.

The Thomas

My best Red power tie has Bob the Tomato on it.


"the aggressive Reagan-era red power tie"

That's a rather odd association, considering that the red power tie predates the Reagan era.


At the end of the last decade it was gold ties.

Martin Langeland

All else relatively equal I vote for the one without a tie.
Antequated folderol, sez me.

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