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August 08, 2008


Sissy Willis

I love this story, so well told. It's bringing tears of joy to my eyes. 'Calls to mind my favorite Thoreau quotation:

"The most alive is the wildest. Not yet subdued to man, its presence refreshes him."


Thank you.



I was a student at Millbrook in the late 1980's. Your father was my headmaster. Some time ago, probably while googling, I found your blog. I have been reading it ever since, but have never written. So, hello! Nice to meet you you.

I love this story about the bobcat. I was also there before the improvements to the zoo, and I also worked there. I remember my first day, assigned to the great horned owls. The assistant zookeeper took me into the zoo building, gassed a few rats and plopped them, still warm, into my hand to feed to the owls. That place was a learning experience.

Sorry to be off topic. Your post just brings back some great memories.

I am a big fan of both your writing and your topics. And I know you know this, but your parents are truly wonderful people.

Terry Cowgill

I guess it was inevitable. You can teach an old cat new tricks.

We have a bobcat in our neighborhood in Lakeville, Conn. After my daughter sprinkles dried blood in the vegetable garden to ward off the deer, the feral feline wanders over to check out the scent, then usually spies a cottontail bunny and off he goes.

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