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June 12, 2008


Robin Eshleman

I've been searching for Oliver Reed as Billy Bones on DVD for years. I don't Tweet, but somebody should - maybe this issue will be spotted and resolved!

Tim Abbott

A comparison that pleases me greatly. Far better than either Mickey Dolenz or Jack Black. But judge for yourself: http://greensleeves.typepad.com/berkshires/2007/02/family_archive__2.html


Is it mere coincidence that our humble corrsp. bears more than a passing resemblance to Mr. Reed?

The Tour Marm

I loved Monsignor Quixote! I still remember him trying to explain the Trinity with a wine bottle!

My choice: Billy Wilder's, 'Five Graves to Cairo' with Franchot Tone, Anne Baxter, and Erich Von Stroheim as Rommel.

Martin Langeland

Topsy Turvy is indeed a wonder. Ed Broadbent is superb.

Others Not yet available on disc:
Les Amants de Teruel (Lovers of Teruel) a dance set in Spain and filmed by Claude Renoir in 1962. Gorgeous photography. A tragic fantasy romance.

Monsignor Quixote pairs Alec Guiness and Leo McKern in a film version of Graham Greene's retelling of Cervantes in modern Spain. Guiness is an elderly village priest who travels with Sancho (McKern), the village mayor, in the mayor's car named Rosinante. It was made for a TV show called Great Performances and hos appeared in the US in VHS. The only disc release was made for region 2.

David Corbett

Dear Berks ,
Sometimes litigation holds up DVD release . It seemed DeMille's "Unconquered " would never be released but it was ! I'd like to see "So Red the Rose " ( 1935 , I think ) , "The Royal African Rifles, The Green Years ,The Light that Failed , The Adventures of Mark Twain , and Lloyds of London ," for starters.
cordially ,
David Corbett

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